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Animals play a big role in society, whether we as individuals have regular contact with them or not. From a very young age we are exposed to many different messages about animals. We begin to shape our understandings and develop the ideas we have about many animal species through different sources of oral, written and visual language. The messages we receive are not always accurate and as a result there are many stereotypes and misconceptions that people may have about different animal species.

Animals are sentient beings, just like humans, and all species have their own unique behaviour and needs. If we do not understand the stereotypes and misconceptions associated with different animals, we may miss the chance to understand their true nature. As a consequence, if we don’t really understand different animals we risk not providing them the highest welfare possible.

Animal Portrayals, Stereotypes and Misconceptions explores the way animals are portrayed in several sources of oral, visual and written language that students will commonly be exposed. Through exploring these examples this unit aims to give students the curiosity and skills to begin to look for other animal related messages they see in visual, oral and written language with a more critical lens to recognise where there are inaccuracies.

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Resources and Materials
Resources and Materials

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