Unit Overview

Conscious Consumers explores how consumers can use their purchasing power to have a positive influence on the world around them.

Students will explore the needs of farmed animals and how the Five Domains Model of animal welfare applies to all animals, not just our companion animals. This will lead them to learn about the different farming systems in New Zealand, specifically layer hens, meat chickens and pigs, and marketing of animal food products, including eggs, chicken meat and pork. Students will learn about the SPCA Certified animal welfare accreditation scheme, and other accreditation schemes. This includes ways students can make informed purchasing decisions and encourage others to do so too.

Following a social inquiry model, students will apply the new knowledge they have learnt to investigate the purchasing decisions of those in their community. This will allow them to take action to help others make informed purchasing decisions that have a positive impact on animal welfare.

Resources and Materials
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Resources and Materials
Resources and Materials

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